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Baby foods

Isaac is turning out to be an enthusiastic and adventurous eater. I've never had a baby like that before and it's fun! I've been making baby foods like crazy and seeking inspiration for the most flavor rich combinations I can offer him. I've also been learning a lot about the nutritional value of spices along the way!

We started with strained peas mixed with breastmilk. He got bored of that fast, and it seems he just plain doesn't like them if they're not fresh.

Next, we tried baked, blended yellow carrot. Not a big hit

Then he had some of my friend TJ's carrot ginger soup and his love of food totally came alive. I made something for him inspired by that which he loves.

About 2 cups of cooked carrot
About 2 cups cooked cauliflower
1head roasted garlic, squeezed out of the shell
About 1 cup Low-sodium broth
2 tins coconut milk
About a tbsp Turmeric (high in iron and a mild anti-oxidant/anti bacterial)
About 2 fingers of fresh ginger
A dash of pepper
(I served this as dinner with lemon rice and might recommend a touch of lemon in this recipe)

Blend smooth and heat to make the flavors mingle.

Isaac loves it!

Cinnamon-clove sweet potato

Roast a sweet potato in olive oil ( in the skin)
Scoop out the soft innards and mix with a little of the olive oil
Add 1/2 cup unsweetened applesauce
Add: a tsp each of cinnamon and ground cloves
Blend with desired amount of water or breast milk until desired texture

Another hit. Now I have an acorn squash. What to do with that?

I was feeling lazy the other day so I just gave him some pre-packaged rice cereal with a small amount of oat bran mixed in to keep it from constipating him.

Today I used Nick's bullet to grind quick oats into a powder. I mixed the resulting powder with a lite bit of very hot tap water and waited for it to soften then added touch of molasses or flavor and added iron. If I'd had any full fat yOvurt I'd likely have added that too.

Anyone else got any cool, flavor-full baby food recipes to share?


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May. 17th, 2011 02:27 am (UTC)
I love that we're once again "allowed" to give them a wider range of foods and flavours rather than being so paranoid about triggering allergies (medical wisdom of the day has returned from "premature exposure causes allergies" and is leaning towards "a wide variety of foods early on helps prevent them")

Plus, Baz had sensory issues surrounding baby food AND food that needed chewing and MArie-Celeste seems, still to be really sensitive to hot, sour or bitter flavours. I'm really enjoying feeding a baby who has no such issues (I'm sure it also helps that hes not only my third, but there's also so much space between the first two and him that I'm not so stressed about food introduction)
May. 17th, 2011 02:31 am (UTC)
Oh and on carrot ginger soup. Mine didn't turn out nearly ad good as TJ's.

When I asked for the recipe she told me it's different every time and gave me the basics. I'd omit the cauliflower if I did it again. It seemed to dampen the flavour (I just happened to have leftover cauliflower that needed to be used). I might also add some fresh garlic in addition to the roasted for a little more "kick" but I wanted to make something baby friendly
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